You enjoy crafting stories and wowing audiences through video and audio in a fast-paced environment. You are able to manage the creative process from end-to-end, including storyboarding, shooting, and post-processing. We believe that happy people produce better results for themselves and the collective team. We believe and value empowering people to work on something they enjoy — thus applicants likely would want to have an interest in serving campaigns, churches, ministries, nonprofits, and schools.

5 Tasks & responsibilities

  1. Produce podcast and deliver in audio and video formats
  2. Create multiple 15-30 second videos for organic and paid media on regular basis with several variants
  3. Create product explainer and how-to videos, as well as looping video content for GIFs
  4. Provide technical support for webinars and other live videos
  5. Handle shooting for advertisements, customer testimonials, events, and other promotional materials

4 Skills & experience the candidate must have

  1. 3+ years of professional work experience as a video producer/editor, videographer, or similar role
  2. Ability to create beautiful videos at different lengths and levels of production
  3. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of video composition, lighting principles, technical camera settings, and audio production
  4. Extensive portfolio and/or reel

3 Ways the candidate will be evaluated

  1. Quality of production - Clear storytelling, beautiful design, and attention to detail
  2. Efficiency and speed - Projects must be completed rapidly, while maintaining top-tier quality
  3. Communication, teamwork, and completeness of work; i.e. "responsible and cool to work with"


  • Competitive Full-time Salary
  • Flexible PTO
  • Remote work (driving distance to Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • Monthly Health Allowance
  • Monthly Fitness Allowance
  • Monthly Wellness Allowance
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Annual CSA Allowance
  • Home-office Allowance
  • 401k plan available


The video producer will work on our Growth team as part of the Marketing team.

  • Operations (Accounts, Finance, Service)
  • Product (Design, DevOps, Engineering)
  • Growth (Marketing, Outreach, Success)

Company Values

We're rooted in Southern Louisiana but operate as a remote-first company that supports our team living in Texas, California, Washington, Ohio, Maryland, and Florida. We've got an old fashioned commitment to honor and excellence in what we do, and our customer-first hospitality is described as welcoming, courteous, helpful, respectful, and kind. We're the type of people whom you count on to do what is right and have your back.